Dear Allies, 

All things considered, I pray that you are mentally, physically and creatively enduring. The impact of COVID-19 has greatly impacted the way the meetings, events and tourism industry is functioning. When it was officially declared a global emergency, I took personal time to pause, setup home and process the surmounting uncertainty. Now, as we ease into April with no foreseeable date as to when the curve will be flattened or a vaccine available, I am slowly wrapping my head around next steps. 
 always strategic in my approach. Now, in order to grow, I've decided to let go! 

First, LB Alliance as a business entity is now dissolved. From the beginning the business plan, infrastructure and value proposition needed development. Fortunately, diligence and passion fueled the last four years which allowed for many achievements and opportunities. As the founder, I was involved with trade associations, wrote for publications, traveled, attended major conferences and gained insight that confirmed my efforts were not in vain. Black, Indigenous, People of Color are under represented across the ecosystem for reasons that are complex. First, an efficient supplier diversity platform that increases business exchange opportunities for minority owned businesses needs to be developed. Second, professional development in regards to business infrastructure and industry knowledge must be accessible with minimized economic barriers. Third, Diversity and Inclusion initiatives within associations require dedicated representation in leadership, financial investment and collection of data to measure progress. Obviously, this work can not be done alone and requires collaborative strategy. 

Currently, the plan is to slow down, restructure and relaunch again in two years. I plan to use the time to re-enter the workforce, pursue a doctorate and build community  Most importantly, I've decided to re-center my focus on health, quality time with my son and financial stability. During my downtime, I'll be completing projects for 2020, working on developing a course, seeking speaking engagements and sharing lots of written, visual and audible UNSOLICITED ADVICE. 

If you ever have any questions, need to bounce ideas or discuss innovative strategy, let's chat. Times are tough right now and the ripple effect has yet to begin. Leverage this challenge by initiating self-care practices, financial management and time with loved ones. As change spreads throughout the ecosystem, we 
all need determination, resilience and health to survive! I may be closing a business entity but I'll NEVER give up my passion to advocate, promote and support under represented professionals. Continue choosing collaboration over competition and TOGETHER, WE CAN TOUGHEN URBAN SUSTAINABILITY, ONE EVENT AT A TIME! 


In Good Health & Resilience, 

Zoe Moore


Empower under represented professionals in the meetings, events and tourism industry to leverage association membership, collaboration and professional development to scale their business and/or career. 


Be a resource throughout the meetings, events and tourism industry that advocates for leadership, staffing and supplier diversity.

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"We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness." -Thich Nhat Hahn

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