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My Name is Chiriga Moore, a.k.a Zoe (pronounced ZOH) an acronym for Zone of Energy. I adopted this nickname three years after singer/songwriter Erykah Badu released her album entitled "Baduizm". 


I have a ho'

And I take it everywhere I go

'Cause I'm planting seeds

So I reaps What I sow ya know


I’m diligent, persistent and determined. I'm a leader who critiques with class, and empowers individuals. 

At the beginning of 2020, I dissolved my entity, LOTUSbaseline Alliance D.b.a LB Alliance, because times ahead were uncertain and I had to strategize a new mission


In 2014 as a graduate student in Hospitality Management, I realized that Black professionals were missing opportunities in the Meetings & Events Industry. I believe that our success in a rapidly growing industry, has a direct correlation on economic stability in our communities. This became the topic of my thesis. 



Because of my ambition, I launched two businesses in 2016, Cultivate Event Artistry & Design, and LB Alliance,  Since that time, I have clarified my pitch, attracted new clients by hosting networking events, managed administrative tasks, and worked with amazing clients like Gloria Atanmo of The Blog Abroad and Sisterhood Summit, Matt Tuffour and Warren Jones of Toasted Life and Elisha Greenwell of Black Joy Parade. The work was challenging, rewarding and aiding in my growth. However, by March 2020 things came to a screeching halt. Then, After months of binge-watching popular shows, reading, updating my resume and hanging with my "Sun" Jourden; the murders of Ahmaud Arbary, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, shook the conscience of society, my industry included.


In June 2020 my inbox was flooded with requests to speak, write and provide consulting. As the co-chairperson of Meeting Professionals International Global Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committee, I dove in. I wrote articles, held webinars/virtual meetings, contributed to podcasts, and took to social media to offer Unsolicited Advice. Several industry leaders wanted guidance, professional development, and insight. I went from feeling like an outlier to an authority on anti-racism in the meetings, events and tourism industry. 


Tourism wasn’t always a part of my focus, but much like this sudden world-wide awakening, mine occurred in 2018 when I visited South Africa. I also worked in Ghana in 2019. In Africa I gained more self-confidence. It was the air, the people, the dialect, food and music that allowed me to remember who I was through a deep connection to my ancestral ties. 


While in South Africa, I saw how an entire continent lacked a seat at the table in regards to leisure and business travel. The descendants of the colonizers who once raped Africa were still thriving more than those indigenous to the land. The same system of oppression Black citizens experience in America, was mirrored and magnified in the place of our origin. 


By design, Africa has been perceived as a giant safari excursion and not the truly rich cultural hub that it is. I joined the African Tourism Board, to help catapult Africa as one of the top tourism destinations in the world. 


Amplifying Black professionals in Africa and throughout the African Diaspora in the meetings, events and tourism industry allows me to be a better Certified Diversity Practitioner. It was for us that the system was first created, the same system that needs to be dismantled across all dimensions of diversity. I believe that my work is aligned with the Civil Rights Leaders of the 1960s, who fought for Inclusion and Equity that resulted in opportunities for all marginalized groups.  


As an Inclusive Event Strategist & Consultant, I'm a true #DoerPreneur. I love helping other entrepreneurs with various tasks from idea storming to web design. I enjoy strategically planning events with a passion for being an advocate for Inclusion, Diversity & Equity. Unapologetically, I focus on BIPOC professionals because I am a Black Woman, an African-American Woman with roots that run through Africa, Germany, Venezuela, Jamaica, Mississippi, Arkansas and California. 


While in the U.S. Army, I learned skills in logistics, operations, leadership and organization, 


The lotus flower emerges beautifully from the bowels of mud and like mud, adversity is perceived as filthy and undesirable when instead it can be strengthening and purifying, a dark substance, a dark matter from which resilience blossoms. 

The mission and vision of LB Alliance continues! The energy of collaboration over competition that is required to build an ecosystem is top priority. I will always be a resource broker that connects people to the suppliers, vendors and service providers that they need. While I’m working on my personal brand and being the CEO of me, my experiences add culture to any team. 

Symbolism of LB Alliance 

LB Alliance is short for LOTUSbaseline Alliance. The meaning of the name is quite symbolic. LOTUS is an acronym. The first two letters L& O stand for Leadership & Organization, the last three letters T, U & S stand for Toughening Urban Sustainability. Without the first two characteristics marginalized communities are weakened in their efforts to achieve economic stability. When under represented professionals are supported they influence indirect and direct benefits for their local communities through job creation, attraction of tourists who spend money and supporting events as vendors, suppliers and service providers that help circulate the wealth locally. 

Often times under represented professionals achieve the baseline but struggle to thrive above it without forming Alliances. The mission of LB Alliance is to journey the path as a team advocating, promoting and supporting one another. This is why you'll see the hashtag #letsblossomtogether which is a reminder that with Leadership & Organization we can Toughen Urban Sustainability, one event at a time! 

Although dissolved as a business entity in the state of CA, the mission and vision continues! I'm currently deciding how I'll move forward in these uncertain times. As many may know, I am focused on my independent work as a writer, speaker and consultant. In addition, I am a co-producer for The State of Events podcast and digital content platform, Co-Chair for the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Global Diversity & Inclusion Committee, Brand Ambassador for the African Tourism Board and Project Manager for a few clients in need of strategic planning and administrative support. 

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"We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness." -Thich Nhat Hahn

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