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Joining the Alliance is a commitment to your business. As an event resource group we are developing an exchange platform where professionals can seek resources when executing innovative events or professional development 


Join the Alliance as a strategic, resource or diversity partner. Together we’ll influence how inclusion and diversity is implemented to create measurable impact throughout the industry. 


We all need support growing our businesses. Let us help you find resources to increase your business profile, presentation and marketing material to ensure you’re effectively generating leads and securing consistent clients. 


Learn to leverage your network and learn about relevant workshops, certifications and events that will best align with your business strategy. The value of professional development and mentorship from subject matter experts is key to your success.


Its not about busyness, its about BUSINESS! Get certified and educated in the industry. 


Try out new tools, applications and programs that help others execute cool events. 


Work alongside event planning teams to expand your network and experience different work styles or hire from a growing vetted database..


Go on local field trips and visit unique venues to get ideas for future events. 


Learn about building an efficient and automated business infrastructure. 


Innovative methods for raising money, accessing sponsorships, investments and grants. 


Partner & Client Services Explained

Independent business owners that execute or contribute to the production of innovative events benefit from advocacy, promotion and support. As partners of a blossoming portfolio they're encouraged to seek and create opportunities through collaboration, professional development and sustainable business practices.

Once an event professional has joined the Alliance they receive an initial consultation, profile audit and resource report to assist with their strategic growth in the meetings, events and tourism industry. Following this budget friendly information and with an agreement in place their services are referred to clients for a nominal brokerage fee.
Ranging from event professionals to florists that offer various services at all levels. The mission and vision of LB Alliance is to work with partners, clients and allies that value the importance of supplier, vendor and staffing diversity for the production of their events. In addition, organizations interested in developing an Inclusion & Diversity initiative can pledge to be a Diversity Partner to commit to measurable change in their companies and/or organizations.
Whether a resource partner that helps to educate professionals, a strategic partner working to grow their business, a diversity partner offering benefits to aid under represented professionals or a client. LB Alliance is the event resource group focused on influencing change in the meetings & events industry. 

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"We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness." -Thich Nhat Hahn

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