Dear Leaders in the Meetings, Events & Tourism Industry,

As someone who is actively doing the research and offers these services, I’ve decided it’s time to fully step into my purpose. I want to help companies, associations and professionals implement an Inclusion & Diversity plan into their core business strategy. Beginning with the Inclusion & Diversity Pledge & Resource Grow Guide. I intend to build community with those seeking to level the playing field specifically for professionals that are Black, Indigenous and People of Color.


In addition, I envision collective efforts that will impact change across the entire hospitality industry for all dimensions of diversity. The goal is to eliminate socio-economic barriers, develop supplier diversity and increase diverse representation in senior leadership positions.

Are you ready to commit to measurable and sustainable change?



Sign the PLEDGE today to learn, challenge your biases and be a resource that is committed to supporting accessibility. We’ll do the work together in live Q&A’s, small group workshops and one on one calls. We’ll figure out a barter, collaboration or payment plan. The intention is to build community with more professionals seeking to engage in #goodtrouble and carry the torch as Inclusion Agents! 

I hope this message finds you navigating current circumstances in health and with resilience.

Last year, following a speaking engagement for a trade association, I had an Aha! moment like Oprah. After speaking on the importance of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity in the meetings, events and tourism industry, members of the association began asking me what they could do immediately. They were willing to mentor, hire, support and financially invest into the students, freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners in my network. So, I created the Inclusion & Diversity pledge.

However, I got busy and was unable to focus on this initiative. Business was great in 2019, I did a project in Accra, Ghana, a convention in San Juan, Puerto Rico and a site tour in Istanbul, Turkey. Upon slowing down, I realized the impact of the pandemic and decided to dissolve my company, LB Alliance. Then the death of Ahmaud Arberry, Breona Taylor and George Floyd erupted into global protests demanding an end to racial injustice and systemic oppression. Overnight, my inbox was flooded with requests to speak, write and consult. The questions I was receiving early 2019 have returned with an urgency that I haven’t experienced in the four years since I started this endeavor. Industry leaders are in need of guidance, education and consulting. They want actionable steps, support and methods to measure their success.

Zoe Moore | Inclusive Event Strategist & Consultant

"Industry leaders are in need of guidance, education and consulting. They want actionable steps, support and methods to measure their success."

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"We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness." -Thich Nhat Hahn

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