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What is a book, newspaper or magazine? When is the last time you picked up any of the three? If you are an active person juggling work, school, kids and a social life, more than likely your phone has become your source for information. Quickly scanning several platforms has replaced reading a book cover to cover, an article in its entirety and a magazine from front to back. Facebook posts, Instagram pictures and World Star Hip Hop videos have replaced the power of reading for comprehension. People are looking to receive information in a captivating, jaw dropping format. Its unacceptable that words without imagery gets over looked.

Technology is a medium to make things more accessible not a replacement for studying to show thyself approved. Experts of any field should constantly read to stay up to date on their craft. Like any industry, meetings and events are constantly evolving. New information is merely a few clicks away and the time spent playing some fruitless video game should be spent finding resources that will lead to business exchanges and growth. So, maybe books, newspapers and magazines are antiquated but there are several online resources providing a wealth of knowledge. For event planners I suggest beginning with www.bizbash.com but for any and all entrepreneurs read, Jumpstart Your Startup: Free Online Resources for New Entrepreneurs by Thomas Oppong. Whether you choose to begin your day with an article or fall asleep at night absorbing new ideas. Be sure to Read!

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