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One of the first things an entrepreneur is asked to assess is their competition. We are told to consider their location, target market, revenue, advertisements, etc. Understanding what you are up against is very important. However, when I was in the hot seat and asked to identify my competition, I froze. It's not that I didn't research other event planners, It's not that I think I'm the G.O.A.T, I just view other event planners differently. I see them as mentors or hard workers that I can support. Instead of competition, I think of them as fellow Masterminds.

As a current participant of a Masterminds group called GO.DO.BE, I love the concept. Entrepreneurs not afraid to be vulnerable while building. Six Women, who share resources, experiences, feedback, achievements and fears. While we interact virtually, the energy is inspiring. Through my web cam, I am held accountable. We are all Women of color, entrepreneurs in the process of building our brands and pursuing our goals. So, why not see others in your industry the same way? Your competition is actually folks that you can blossom with not be intimidated by. Like minded people should sit together and think through their ideas and be encouraged to elevate their approach.

Sadly, some people are threatened by others that give constructive criticism or have similar concepts . In this dog eat dog world we are led to believe that our ideas are unique and they can be stolen. False! Ideas are remixes. A combination of things you've witnessed or heard over a span of time, designs that you've either improved or tweaked slightly. As the saying goes, nothing is new under the sun. Plus, whenever your hard work is mirrored it should be considered a compliment.

LOTUSbaseline Alliance wants to be a compliment to hard working event planners. The desire to increase diversity in the meetings and event industry requires a Mastermind group. A group of folks that support each others endeavors. Together we advocate for education, resources and funding for event planners that serve the urban community. Together we support each other both directly and indirectly. Together we toughen urban sustainability, one event at a time!

The chance is coming at the end of May 2017. Our team is eager to present information about the Alliance and share a few resources we have gathered. We believe these resources will help event planners be more efficient. We also want to hear what methods work for others. As LB Alliance approaches its 1 year anniversary, this is truly the beginning of blossoming into masters of our craft.

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"We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness." -Thich Nhat Hahn

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