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In just 26 days LB Alliance will provide information about our mission and vision. More importantly we will ask attendees that are event planners, caterers, photographers, musicians, etc. how can we support them. Only one year old, we exist not to compete with larger trade organizations like Meeting Professionals International (MPI), Professional Convention & Meeting Association (PCMA) or BizBash. Instead like National Coalition of Black Meeting Planners (NCBMP), we exist as an advocate, as a team of folks standing in the gap for others. We understand them because we are them. Event planners, florists, DJs, marketing consultants, photographers etc. building our clientele and businesses. Throughout our journey we have embraced the necessity of networking, education, resources and funding that have helped us enjoy unique experiences and work with various clients. Now, we want to share what we have learned and strategize how to succeed and collaborate to be our best. Event planning, coordinating, promotion, organizing is not easily manageable alone. It takes a TEAM!

In a recent article titled "The Critical Role of Meeting and Event Planners in the Networked World." by David Adler, the CEO and founder of BizBash. Mr. Adler touches on the importance of strategy and being "collaboration artists." Event artistry requires a certain type of thinking to approach new projects. Instead of reinventing the wheel we learn that by building relationships and leveraging them we can better understand gathering people and creating experiences.

Collaboration is not for the faint of heart, its like a marriage. It requires trust, communication, compromise and commitment. Everyone has to check their egos at the door and find ways to be supportive even if there help is needed to sweep or not get as much credit as the leader of a project. Collaboration is both humbling and rewarding for those who understand the value of support. So, on May 27, 2017 we share our mission and vision of how we are building a network of "collaboration artists" in the urban community and how we want to make OUR TEAM, YOUR TEAM!

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"We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness." -Thich Nhat Hahn

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