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UNSOLICITED ADVICE: Not being intentional will potentially lead to failure

Event planners must be very intentional with their time. Sucessful events require a lot of planning, organization and diligence. Being overwhelmed with the possibilities of venues, decor, or pricing without a plan will produce a laundry list of unfulfilled ideas.

On this journey of establishing your clientele your potential to succeed will never be met with as much challenge as when you become intentional about doing the same. Last year proved remarkable because many of the ideas, projects and goals that filled my notebook manifested. I knew that I was capable of building a business, managing events and juggling clients. However, I was not prepared for the amount of rewards that were disguised as challenges.

1. Never having enough time in the day rewarded me with the challenge of valuing the importance of work life-balance.

2. Conflict with clients due to miscommunication rewarded me with the challenge of improving my contract writing skills and the power of saying "No."

3. The opportunity to work on two major events rewarded me with the challenge of managing stress in an organized manner.

I would have never learned to endure these challenges by only relying on my potential. All the talk of what ifs, maybes and could'ves lead to inaction. Being intentional every day is challenging. You'll experience conflict, rejection and sleepless nights. However, all these challenges are rewarding and imperative for growth. Sure, we all have the potential to succeed. Everyone has ideas, talents and desires but the difference is the ability to determine a strategy. So, sit with yourself each week, take time to outline where you want to go and write out the steps required to get there. If you don't know, be resourceful, do research, ask somebody that is being intentional about reaching their goals. Not being intentional will potentially lead to failure.

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