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The original African proverb may have worded it differently but I'm sure no one minds the change when sharing 7 methods for how to grow together

1. Understand the soil

The first step in growing together requires understanding the soil in which you will plant your seeds then finding others who want to water it with you.

2. Align with the Vision

Make sure anyone chosen to water the soil aligns with the vision of what is to blossom. They must have patience, learn from failure, not lose hope and know that business is a series of unknown variables.

3. Get Dirty

Every ally must be willing to play with dirt, get muddy and feel the heat of the sun as it nourishes the soil. Certain allies will possess different skills than others. Be clear how efficiency and contribution will be measured.

4. Barrier Breakers

Give each person in alignment authority to make adjustments when faced with limited resources, barriers or tough decisions. The hardest part of watching something grow is not being committed to the purpose, strategy or intended yield.

5. Cultivate Relationships

A team that values communication, genuine relationships and being mindful of goals will cultivate a lasting bond. When growth is endured patiently together the results will be magnificient.

6. Shared Purpose

The ability to overcome adversity is a shared purpose and reality.

When like minded people collaborate rather than compete they produce connections necessary to succeed.

7. Milestones

A beautifully blossomed flower is only part of the vision. Have milestones that mark minor accomplishments and successes. Empower those invested in minding the soil to create action oriented goals for developing innovative ideas.

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"We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness." -Thich Nhat Hahn

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