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Diversity is a Result of Inclusive Behavior

On my last webinar I shared insight about what leaders can do to improve supplier diversity, increase diverse representation in leadership and eliminate barriers to entry for under represented professionals seeking careers or opportunities to scale their businesses. I founded LB Alliance on the premise that this dialogue was imperative to our industry and to urban sustainability but the value of what I was saying was only received by a few. By the end of 2019, I was exhausted and questioning my entire business model. Sure, I made money, traveled and had amazing clients locally and abroad but as you know my infrastructure was not scalable. When shelter in place became the way of life, I embraced it as my chance to leverage the pause. I dissolved my business entity, spent time with my son Jourden and watched a lot of Netflix. Before I knew it was June and my inbox was flooded with requests, tasks and interest in what I had been saying since 2016. Drowning in illness and injustice, my life saver was my voice.  The last two months my schedule has been filled with virtual meetings, phone calls, webinars, podcasts and writing articles. I'm not complaining but I've learned from my past mistakes. I have grown and want to help you do the same! I'm accessible but seek to take more ACTION and do less ASKING. Together we can be more intentional, strategic and committed.  SOME CALL IT A PIVOT, I'M CALLING IT A REFRESH!  Join me for my LUNCH & GROW: Live Q&A series every 3rd & 4th Tuesday, July, August and September! 12:15pm - 1:15pm (EST), We'll discuss the value of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity in the meetings, events and tourism industry. This is an informal talk for entrepreneurs, businesses and association leaders. I'll be joined by my friends and colleagues Nic Winzey, Tanida Mullen and Sonia Alcazar Collier of The State of Events, a podcast and digital content platform. For only $15 you'll get to break bread, ask questions and receive seeds of knowledge that you can immediately plant and be inspired to nurture.  Click on the flyer above, invest in your ticket and then you'll receive a ZOOM link to register. Also, you can click the hands image to read my first article co-authored with Greg DeShields and published in Meetings Today or listen to the podcast interview with National Coalition of Black Meeting Professionals (NCBMP) Chair Jason Dunn and Elliott Ferguson, President & CEO of Destination D.C., I wasn't kidding when I said I've been busy. However, I was built for this. I was asked to take the torch from my fairy godMother, Joan Eisenstodt and together we've been determined to stay engaged in #goodtrouble.  I hope that you'll join us and all my colleagues as we advocate, promote and support what we've known is right all of our careers. "When Inclusion is the Behavior, Diversity will be the result." - Inclusion Agent  Oh! You're just a click away from becoming an Inclusion Agent too! Thanks Paula Sotnik, I can't stop saying the phrase.  #letsblossomtogether 


Are you ready to do more than just talk about change? Are you considering one of the following... 

  • Establishing a Diversity & Inclusion Committee for your organization

  • Implementing an Inclusion, Diversity & Equity strategy for your company

  • Mentoring, Sponsoring, Procuring under represented professionals for an event in 2021

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"We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness." -Thich Nhat Hahn

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