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People romanticize the event but dread the planning. The magic they're looking for is when they hire a PROFESSIONAL! Are you the one they need?

What many believe to be a simple process of finding a venue, getting people to attend and playing music actually requires an attention to detail that most don't have the patience or diligence to manage.

-Understand the skills and time required to get the job done. Getting yourself in over your head will show leading up to the event an on the day of execution.

-Level-up! Inefficient processes and work flows will cause communication issues. Stay reeptive to learning techniques and cross-train in multiple areas to be a true value to you clients and team.

-Stay organized! An event planner manages multiple stakeholders. Effective communication, time management and the ability to troubleshoot are imperative.

UNSOLICITED ADVICE: Be a PROFESSIONAL! Get the education you need and don't romanticize the idea of being a planner. Even if you've been in the game awhile never stop learning! Let your clients romanticize the event while you manifest their vision.

If you're looking for resources, let us know. Start by checking out www.eventpreneur.club

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