Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Pledge

I am a leader in the meetings, events and tourism industry. I am directly responsible for decisions that impact preferred lists such as procuring/contracting vendors, suppliers and service providers. I have influence over the hiring of staff, planning, design, marketing and partnering required for executing medium to large scale experiences. I'm involved as an owner, staff member, director, committee chair and/or active member of a trade association, convention visitors bureau, event service company and/or destination management organization.


Today, I pledge and commit to:


-Acknowledging the learning, researching and strategy that needs to be done to develop a more inclusive industry

-Taking Accountability and being transparent about my efforts, goals, challenges and successes

-Assessing demographic data and feedback of culture within my business, company and/or organization annually

-Action through investment of time, mentorship, professional development, funds and/or resources

As a leader in the meetings, events and tourism industry, I realize my responsibility to the business ecosystem and pledge because if inclusion is not my behavior then I don't value diversity and equity. I pledge to be an Inclusion Agent!

Select your commitments... (See Descriptons Below)


Publicly acknowledge the work that you must do and state your commitment to representation in leadership, supplier diversity and eliminating barriers to entry for under represented professionals. 


Set a strategic goal by which you can measure your efforts and be held accountable for inclusive practices, procedures and operations. 


Find an assessment tool to share with members and/or employees that can properly capture data to provide demographic information, culture assessments and benchmarks. You can also hire a firm for this task. 



Provide financial support through scholarships and/or opportunities for diverse professionals to have access to professional development, association membership and industry events.

Engagement program 

Design programs/events that intentionally engage under represented professionals (i.e. mini trade shows, hiring events, pitch competitions, etc.) 


Invite under represented professionals to your place of business for a site visit (or virtual tour) to learn about your services and break bread (share a meal, cook virtually, etc.)  


Schedule one-on-one or group mentor sessions with talented professionals seeking industry advice, support and/or sponsorship.


Intentionally vouch, refer and/or recommend under represented professionals, businesses and freelancers for gigs, contracts, leadership roles, etc. Connect them to your contacts via a “warm hand shake”  (i.e. direct intro by email, phone, text and/or Linkedin)


Allocate 10-20% of your budget towards hiring, contracting and/or procuring from under represented businesses.


*The Resource Grow Guide includes more articles, research and data to support your efforts 


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"We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness." -Thich Nhat Hahn

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